Ever since our foundation, J&L Hauling & Disposal Inc. has always been an enthusiast recycling company. All municipalities have endorsed recycling ordinances (AB 939 report) for construction and demolition (C&D) debri and inert debri (dirt, concrete, stones, bricks, asphalt, etc.) Thanks to our rigorous diversion plan we not only comply with the municipalities ordinances but also have a high recycling rate of over 75% on C&D debri and over 85% on inert materials. We’re also aware that a good recycling program begins at the job site, which is why, we encourage our customers to help in the diversion process by using the correct dumpster for their project (Please refer to
Services.) Keeping trash and inert materials separated will make the diversion process easier, faster, and more affordable for everyone. For instance materials such us: green waste, hillside brush, and lumber debri can be shredded into landscape mulch. Inert materials on the other hand are processed for topsoil (dirt) or base mixture (concrete and asphalt) for new roadways. Other materials that are 100% recyclables are plastic, paper, glass, cardboard and metal. By continue our recycling efforts we’re not only preventing damage to the environment, we’re also reducing pollution and using fewer natural resources.

For the disposal of hazardous material please see (Links.)